Leslie Rosadiuk

Leslie Rosadiuk

Pharmacist Testimonial

imageLeslie Rosadiuk works behind the pharmacy counter of Oyen Value Drug Mart with a calm, quiet confidence.  She’s perfectly at ease in the rural practice she began four years ago, when she and her husband moved from Edmonton.

“He was a police officer in the city and I was training to be a pharmacist, and the city goes on all the time.  It never stops even when people are sleeping and usually he was walking in the door when I was walking out.”

Leslie and her husband opted for a big change of pace when they MOVED TO OYEN.  They were ready for something different, but Leslie wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.

“Being a young professional and a woman, I was a little curious about how people would accept me; and there hasn’t been an issue.  People trusted my opinion from day one.”

Acceptance came readily from customers and patients…and also from friends.  Leslie says she and her husband enjoy an active social life in their new, smaller setting.

“Surprisingly our social life is probably busier than it ever was in the city… I think some of the people who’ve lived in the city their whole life don’t know what they’re missing out on.”