Dr. Jackie Hagens

Dr. Jackie Hagens

Optometrist Testimonial

image Take one look inside the doors of Oyen Optometry Clinic and you’ll see your pre-conceived notions about rural medical practice going out the window. Dr. Jackie Hagens has built an optometry centre based on great service and superior technology.

“We are ahead of the curve with technology. We need to be…we have to cover all our bases here.”

Beautiful surroundings and state-of-the-art equipment create a welcoming atmosphere for the centre’s faithful clientele. Patients drive for up to an hour and a half in every direction to take advantage of the great service.

“We’ve made it worth people’s while to travel this far to come here because we’re taking good care of them and giving them the best quality of care.”

Dr. Hagens grew up in the area and returned after practicing optometry in bigger centres. Few people believed her rural practice would succeed.

“They said it would not be feasible, that the population was not enough, that it just wouldn’t survive as a new practice set up here.”

Dr. Hagens proved everyone wrong and put her own doubts to rest, too. The centre has been open for nearly twenty years and is part of a lifestyle that’s impossible to resist.

“When you walk out the doors at the end of the day, there are no traffic jams, no line-ups, no crowds…it’s a peaceful ending to the day.”