Dr. Petra Muller

Dr. Petra Muller

Family Physician Testimonial

imageDr. Petra Muller stops for a quick gulp of coffee on his way into the Oyen Medical Clinic.  He’s run off his feet these days as the town’s only full time physician.  Local stakeholders are heartily searching for another two doctors to complement his practice in this busy area.  Still, with little time for a personal life, Dr. Muller insists he loves his rural practice and the community it serves.

The people are like the people from home.  They make you feel welcome, they’re friendly, they’re really interested in you and they support you.  It’s been a real surprise how easy it is for a foreigner to move to a TOWN LIKE OYEN and become part of the community.

Dr. Muller and his wife moved to Oyen from South Africa in 2008.  He grew up on a farm and wanted to practice medicine in a small community.  Our cold northern winters were a shock initially…but everything else has been a wonderful fit.

“It’s a nice outdoor life; there’s lots of things to do, especially if you get to know the people.  They invite you to their farms; you can go hunting, you can go ride a quad, its just a very nice outdoor lifestyle.”

The professional atmosphere is rewarding as well.  Dr. Muller has high praise for the staff at the hospital and clinic; and the wide range of equipment available to help serve the region’s large population.

“The hospital has recently been renovated, there’s lots of new equipment.  The lab services have increased quite a lot…we’re pretty well off.  There’s a lot more here than in other small communities that I’ve heard.”

Dr. Muller says any physician considering the move to Oyen will be met with a warm and welcoming community…and an interesting and fulfilling career.

“You see everything here.  I’ve seen things here that I never saw back home.  There are the run-of-the-mill things, but many varied and interesting cases on a day to day basis.  The community and staff we have, they support you and they go out of their way to make things easy for you.”